Fran O’Reilly

Fran O’Reilly

Our Head Coach;  Fran O’Reilly


Fran is Head Coach and the Development of Potential Expert at Amaze™ and brings 35 years of experience in achieving potential within international business. His expertise has helped discover and develop leaders, mentor businesses and give effective career direction throughout the world.


Fran is unique in his ability and practical expertise in guiding individuals and teams to the development of their true potential. Whilst most of those who commit to the process comes from the business community, there are a growing number of elite sports people, school leavers and professional musicians engaged.

In all cases, these people know they are capable of more and are seeking practical support to ‘make it happen’ at the highest level and within a shorter space of time.

Fran has held numerous senior roles with international companies in a career which spans technical, business development and leadership roles, up to and including the role of CEO. He has extensive experience as a coach and a Development of Potential Expert over the past 22 years working with executives across multiple industries, countries, and disciplines. These clients come from the Government, Finance, Bio-Tech, Horticultural, Defense, Manufacturing, Community, Local Government, Retail, Internet, Petrochemical, Music, Membership organisations, Beauty, Leisure, Telecoms, Construction, Software, Motor, Technology, Sports, Plastics, Call Center, Education and Legal sectors.

Fran’s approach is one where experiential learning is encouraged throughout, with clients challenged in linking the DOP framework to their own situations and challenges. His specific expertise is in helping organisations and individuals demonstrate leadership, deliver the bottom line, and develop the potential across all business units.

A passionate believer in what people can achieve when exposed to professional development, Fran holds a professional qualification from DCU within an I. T. discipline and an international coaching qualification since 1995.

He is a Fellow of the Sales Institute of Ireland (F.S.I.I.), a cognitive and  Neuro Noetic hypnotherapist, an associate of a number of International Coaching organisations, a member of the  World Association of Business Coaches (WABC) and a regular contributor to the Irish media.


“You may own the company, but you rent the people”                    Jack Welch

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